3 different photos of commercial or industrial locksmith placed side by side. From left to right: (1) a man with orange hat and white gloves installing a lock (2) a man in blue jacket using a drill on a metal door, (3) a hand tapping a card on a keyless lock

Commercial/Industrial Locksmith Services

While home security is more or less straightforward in keeping unwanted guests out, commercial and industrial needs are a bit more demanding because there is much more at stake. There are more entry points that can be breached, more valuables at risk of being stolen, and an entire livelihood that needs to be protected. Focus more on your business and less on stressful concerns by calling the professionals at Barney’s Locksmith.

Someone tapping a card for a keyless entry

Specialized Hardware

Increased security for commercial and industrial buildings requires special equipment designed for higher traffic and larger areas. A few examples of what we can provide include:

  • Electronic keypads
  • Access control systems
  • Keyless entries

Safe Installation, Repair, and Openings

Every business comes with a set of valuables whether it be the cash profits for the day or the inventory that’s sold to customers. Losing either of these assets could set you back big time, or even push you to the brink of bankruptcy. This is why it’s practically essential for businesses to invest in a safe or vault which acts as a foolproof system to protect your hard-earned equity.

At Barney’s Locksmith, we specialize in:

  • Safe and vault installation
  • Safe and vault repair
  • Safe and vault openings
2 different designs of a keypad lock placed side by side. (L) square keypad lock with a blue background, (R) keypad lock with curves
A file cabinet with 4 drawers, the bottom drawer is open with files inside it, a blue background, and a text that says "File Cabinet Locks"

File Cabinet Locks

Not all valuables come in the form of money or hard products. Many service-based businesses keep folders upon folders of documents containing sensitive information that could cause severe damage if found by the wrong people. This can pose a threat to yourself, your business, and even your customers. Barney’s Locksmith has trained professionals who can set up a secure file cabinet locking system to prevent the worst from happening. We’ll help you protect sensitive documents such as:

  • Legal documents
  • Medical records
  • Customer identification
  • Educational transcripts
  • Financial information
  • Intellectual property
  • Classified documents

Master Systems and High-Security Locks

A commercial setting can especially benefit from the complex structure of master systems and high-security locks. A master system keeps each door independent so you can manage employee access to certain areas while you have control over the entire building with a single key. In addition, keys to high-security locks are not easily duplicated so you don’t have to worry about anyone copying them and breaching your security by handing them out to strangers.

A door with 3 locks and on the left of the photo has a square image that has purple background and a text "High Security Locks"
A golden lock with 2 coins on its sides. a man sitting on it, and a bunch of coins scattered on the surface.

Other Business Locksmith Demands

If you have unique needs for your commercial or industrial building, contact Barney’s Locksmith and tell us what you have in mind. We’ll gladly go over possible solutions and discuss what we can do for you and your precious business. We regularly handle requests of all kinds so there’s guaranteed to be a solution for you!

Your Business is Safe With Us

We are available whenever you need us with our speedy mobile locksmith service equipped to handle any job. We also perform regular maintenance on your security system as an effective preventative measure against any potential breaches. Call Barney’s Locksmith today at (626) 331-4120 for an estimate on our many services and to hear our finance options.

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