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Residential Locksmith Services

In the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules and monotonous routines, it’s easy to lose our keys or lock ourselves out of our own home. It happens to the best of us, but it’s nothing that the experts at Barney’s Locksmith can’t handle. Setting up a new lock system for your home can be done in no time whenever, wherever. No matter what, we offer many services to choose from to fit your every need.

A keyhole and a bunch of different keys on a surface

Master Systems

For larger homes with multiple entries, a master system can come in handy. A master key will be able to open any door while each of those doors can still be independent with separate locks. This is useful for micromanaging who is allowed access to certain entry points while ensuring you have easy control over every lock with a single key.

High-Security Locks

If you have roommates, investing in a high-security lock can prevent duplicate keys from being made in abundance and handed out to people you don’t trust. This is because these specialty keys are too complicated to be duplicated by the average copy machine. High-security locks are also more difficult to pick, thus reducing the likelihood of break-ins.

A brown door with 3 locks
A disasembled lock of a door with its different parts and a key

Installation of New Lock Sets for Any Door or Window

At Barney’s Locksmith, we specialize in setting up brand new locking systems for both doors and windows. A few reasons for updating your lock system include:

  • Buying a brand new home and wanting to make sure the previous owners can’t get in
  • Losing a key with the possibility of whoever finding the key knowing what lock it goes to
  • An attempted break-in leaving you feeling unsafe

Repair and/or Upgrades on All Kinds of Locks

After an attempted or successful break-in, your locks could be broken and in need of repairs. At that point, it’s better to upgrade your locks anyway to avoid a repeat occurrence. For the sake of your safety, we’ll make sure your locks are reinforced and stronger than before.

A damaged door lock
A hand using a machine to change the key


If you need something fast and simple, rekeying your locks is a quicker, less expensive way to secure your home so that only new keys will allow access. This is a great solution for situations that call for more immediate fixes like if you had just recently lost your key or if a roommate moved out under unpleasant circumstances.

New Keys

If you simply need new keys made, the experts at Barney’s Locksmith can get you what you need in a flash! No matter how many keys you need, it’ll only take a moment of your time because we’re good at what we do.

2 keys in a keychain with a small house placed on a blue surface
A vault on a cabinet

Safes & Vaults (Installation and Service)

While your home can be considered your largest valuable, every home contains items that are precious enough to the homeowner that a safe or vault is necessary for that priceless sense of security. Important documents, family heirlooms, and anything else that holds incredible sentimental and personal value needs a second line of defense in the event of a robbery.

At Barney’s Locksmith, we have the means to install and service safes and vaults so you can rest easy knowing your treasures are unreachable to those without permission. We’re able to set up new locks and combinations, change or update locks and combinations, and open your safe or vault in case you lose your key or forget your combination.

Home Security Systems

Nowadays it’s practically standard to have a home security system installed for round-the-clock surveillance and alarms. Only those who know the code to enter into the keypad will be allowed a hassle-free passage while a triggered alarm will announce the presence of unwelcome visitors. Depending on the security system, you can access the keypad and any cameras from your phone and the local police will automatically be contacted shortly after a break-in.

A hand entering the passcode in a keypad lock

Secure Your Home Today

Contact Barney’s Locksmith today to ask how we can secure your home. We have a wide range of services for all of your needs and we’ve been in the business for over 45 years so you can put your faith in our abilities.

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