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You want to keep your valuables secure, but investing in an effective safe isn’t something you just buy and shove in the corner. If you want it done right, leave it to the professionals at Barney’s Locksmith! We can properly install your new safe so it’s not so easy to compromise, keeping hands and noses out of places where they don’t belong while allowing you easy access to what’s rightfully yours.

Someone with black sleeves opening a white safe

Safe Installation

Installing a brand new safe on your own can be a daunting task, and by the end of it it’ll be hard to tell if it’s set up right. We’ve been doing this for years so you can depend on us to make sure everything is proper and ready to go. We’re able to set up any type of locking system such as the traditional key lock, padlocks, turn dial combination locks, and digital keypads.

Combination Changes

Reconfiguring combination locks can be a pain if you don’t know how to administer the reset process, and there’s always the possibility of locking yourself out by unintentionally putting in a new code by mistake with no way to reverse it. Save yourself the frustration by leaving it to us! It’ll only take us a matter of minutes to update the combination on your lock so you can sit back and relax.

Combination Changes Glendora
Safe Opening Azusa

Safe Opening

Have you lost your key, or forgotten the combination to your safe? Not a problem! The experts at Barney’s Locksmith will answer your call on a dime and get your safe or vault open for you. Accidents happen, and you have every right to your valuables whenever you want.

Residential Safes

Many homes contain certain valuables that deserve the best protection we can offer. Safes come in many shapes and sizes for keeping your important items secure such as:

  • Personal identification
  • Investment pieces
  • Family heirlooms
  • Cash
Someone inputting the passcode of a white safe
A metal commercial safe

Commercial Safes

Larger, higher-security safes are ideal for businesses and other commercial uses. Because business assets pose a higher risk if stolen, commercial safes have the added security of being harder to break into, more complicated to crack, and are typically fire resistant.

Cash Management Safes

Whether you’re in the retail or restaurant industry, you’ll want to look into a cash management safe if you have a daily intake of cash profits. A simple cash register isn’t enough as they can be easily carried away and broken into. Cash management safes, on the other hand, are impossible to carry, harder to break into, and come with a more complicated locking system which sometimes needs a chip-based key along with a pin code for access.

A photo of a cash registry with different bills and coins on a pink background

Keep Your Valuables Safe With Barney’s Locksmith

No matter if you’re looking into residential or commercial security, we offer a wide range of services for any purpose. Contact us today for estimates on our services and to hear finance options that work for you. Whatever you need, Barney’s Locksmith is the best place to turn to in Azusa, California!

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